Welcome to the Girl Guides of Canada Safe Guide Forms submission site where Guiders in Ontario and Nunavut can submit forms for:

  • Yellow Level Activities – submit at least 14 days prior to activity
  • Red Level Activities - submit at least 21 days prior to activity
  • International Trips under 72 hours – submit at least 21 days prior to activity


Not all activity submissions are being accepted at this time.  Please check the list below. More about GGC’s COVID-19 response

Acceptable for submission
Not currently being accepted
  • Activities involving multiple units 
  • Activities involving travel over 72 hours
  • Activities that do not comply with Return to In-Person Guiding Stage and all local Health Orders


You can pause and save your application at any point, however it’s easier to have the documents and information ready before you start. 

You’ll need:

Depending on your activity, you may also need:

Resources and Support

Safe Guide document 

Safe Guide Forms

safeguide.adviser@guidesontario.org – for questions about interpreting Safe Guide and completing forms

safeguide@girlguides.ca – for questions about using this website


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